What Makes You Happy?

By Anthony Gold

It’s the age old question about leading a rewarding life: What makes you happy?

While we might think that external events such as the size of our bank account or people doing what we want them to do or a healthy/attractive body are the source of our happiness (or lack thereof), the truth of the matter is something different.

Nothing can make us happy, however, we have the choice to be happy.

In this podcast, I share my experiences answering this question and suggest a framework for choosing happiness.

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Podcast: What Makes You Happy?

The key is that we give all events the meaning they have for us.

I have given what I see all the meaning it has for me. I have judged everything I look upon, and it is this and only this I see. (W-pI.51.2)

It’s much easier to see ourselves as either victims or beneficiaries of external events. But that’s not the case. We aren’t responsible for what other people do and say, but we are responsible for how we see it.

I am never upset for the reason I think. I am not a victim of the world I see. (W-pI.51;31)

When we realize that we choose our emotions, then a world of incredible happiness and bliss opens up for us.

Join us in Monday’s class where we’ll explore this radical idea that we choose our feelings – including happiness. I look forward to seeing you then.

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