In The Beginning …

By Anthony Gold

In the beginning, there was no beginning.

A beginning implies a start. A start infers a point from which to progress.

But from a place of infinite oneness, there can be no starting point – or ending point.

Here’s the problem with the word infinite. It conjures up images of something very, very large. We think that an infinite number of apples is bigger than, say, a billion apples. But there is no point at which more and more apples equals an infinite number. There are no number of apples that could ever be added to the original billion to achieve an infinite number of apples.

Infinite, by definition, means unlimited. No limits. No beginning, no end. Just infinite. Our brains can’t even grasp the concept of infinite. We use words and theoretical frameworks in an attempt to describe the indescribable.

In truth, reality is infinite oneness. That sounds like a contradiction in terms. Infinite (very large) and oneness (very small). But what infinite oneness really implies is not only is there no beginning or end, but there is no division within the totality.

Think of oneness like happiness. There is no division or unit of happiness. We’re either happy or we’re not. It’s all or nothing.

The reason we don’t buy into the concept infinite oneness – and the reason we don’t even like it – is because there is no “me” in oneness. Me implies a division. Me, you, everyone else – all vying for a limited piece of the pie.

Infinite oneness not only says there is no me, but there is no limited pie either. Nothing to fight for. Nothing to fear.

Our egos so actively resist such a concept. And with good reason. The belief implies the end of the ego … the end of individuality … the end of “me”. The ego, as always, is wrong. We cannot be separated from oneness. We cannot be alone.

To be alone is to be separated from infinity, but how can this be if infinity has no end? No one can be beyond the limitless, because what has no limits must be everywhere. There are no beginnings and no endings in oneness. (T-11.I.2)

In a world of seeming division, we can learn our true nature that is connected to the infinite oneness of being. And in the process, we can experience a happiness and deep contentment that transcends all description. Join us in Monday’s class where we’ll learn how. I look forward to seeing you then.

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