Study Group

Each Monday evening, we host a study-group to discuss the essay theme of the week. While the group meets in Devon, PA (just outside of Philadelphia), we also enable people to dial-in remotely via Skype.

If you’d like to join our class remotely, click the signup button below to enter your class fee and then you’ll be given instructions on how to join.

As always, our class is geared toward all levels of Course students – beginner through advanced – and allots plenty of time for questions and discussions.

Our meetings are held at the Main Line Unitarian Church (address below), beginning at 7:30 pm eastern each Monday. Our study group has no affiliation with the Unitarian church – we simply use their meeting space graciously provided to us.

Study Group Location:
Main Line Unitarian Church
816 South Valley Forge Road
Devon, PA 19333-1825

Find our meeting location here on Google Maps. Room location will be posted on the easel display inside the main entrance.