We Reincarnate Every Day

By Anthony Gold

Hard to imagine, right? Today is simply a continuation of yesterday, and tomorrow won’t be too much different.

It all flows together: the past is all there in our memory, some of the moments we remember, others have either faded away or been sufficiently repressed. And the future holds our dreams and fears in pristine purity.

Each day we create more past, reinforce or make alterations to our future thoughts, and simply go about our lives in such a continuum.

The past unfolds into the present moment, quickly becoming a memory as we contemplate our future. A steady stream of past into future, past into future.

Until we die.

But that’s not how it really works.

Not only do we reincarnate every day, we actually reincarnate every moment!

Each moment stands alone as its own universe.

The problem is, that isn’t our experience. Our daily lives seem to completely contradict such a concept. All of our thoughts, experiences, and emotions convince us this world is an ongoing continuum with no break in time until we die.

But let’s consider what the past and future really are. The past is gone. It’s over. While it may exist in our memory, no sane person would conclude the past is here.

Likewise, the future is also just a thought. It doesn’t exist in any reality. Our hopes, dreams, and fears are just that – thoughts about the future, but not an actual state of being.

What that leaves us with is nothing but the present moment. Something that is outside of time. Once we apply time to anything, it becomes the past or the future. By definition the present moment stands alone outside of time.

How long does the present moment last? An instant. No time.

And every instant we are born again. Not in a physical sense of being birthed. And not in a religious sense of being “saved”. But in a mind-chosen sense of what we choose our reality to be.

Of this, there are only two choices: peace or conflict, happiness or sorrow, heaven or hell.

In every instant we choose our reality. When we choose hell, then we buy into the belief that my life is comprised of my past – which still reaches out and impacts me right now – and the future where I project my dreams and fears, hoping for one and desperately trying to avoid the other.

When we choose peace, we experience the blissful love that unites everyone and everything. We transcend time. We even transcend our bodies. In such as state, the “me” is no longer there. Instead we perceive a shared reality and connectedness – with no conflict. Bodies no longer become instruments of war, projection, or salvation. Instead, they are channels for communication, extensions of love.

And so it is – in every moment we choose how we want to feel and what we want to experience. In every moment we have the opportunity for happiness or pain. In every moment we are reincarnated into exactly what we’ve chosen – an instrument of suffering with brief moments of perceived respite or a channel for love.

The choice is ours – and only ours – to make.

As Wayne Dyer so powerfully stated:

You are only a thought away from changing your life.

Join us in Monday’s class where we’ll explore the nature of moment-by-moment reincarnation and how we can understand that to make the choice for joy. I look forward to seeing you then.

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