Seek But Do Not Find

By Anthony Gold

There are over 25,000 books on Amazon with the phrase “how to find” in their title. Whether you are seeking a job, money, man, woman, health, happiness, god, or yourself – you can purchase at least one book promising to fill that void in your life.

The reason so many such books exist? They sell.

We are continually seeking for something in our lives. Whether it be a personal matter like rewarding relationships or something more substantial such as meaning and purpose – still are we seeking.

The irony is that the world was made to give the illusion that we could actually find what we’re looking for. And thus we keep on searching, believing and hoping that our desires will be fulfilled.

The world was made that problems could not be escaped. (T-31.IV.2)

“Seek but do not find” remains this world’s stern decree, and no one who pursues the world’s goals can do otherwise. (M-13.5)

When we join with the ego thought system, we continually experience sorrow and regret – yet ever hopeful for a better outcome.

And so he seeks it in a thousand ways and in a thousand places, each time believing it is there, and each time disappointed in the end. (M-13.5)

But we need not seek it in a thousand ways or twenty-five thousand books – instead, we can choose a different thought system – one that leads to immediate satisfaction and lasting joy.

Join us in Monday’s class where we’ll explore the unfortunate nature of seeking but not finding, and how we can completely transform that experience. I look forward to seeing you then.

One thought on “Seek But Do Not Find

  1. Hello Anthony and Others,
    I am also a student of A Course In Miracles, and have been for over seven years. I came across this page (‘seek, but do not find’), while working on an ACIM inspired original song called, “Nothing But the Truth”. The words; ‘seek, but do not find’ are repeatedly used in the chorus of this song.
    Perhaps you may like to listen to the MP3 when I finish it in a few days?
    I could send it as an attachment to your email address, but only if you reply to this message. Inner Peace for All, Leo Genereux

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